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KWAN started because a developer believed there should be a more respectful way of recruiting: Treating people as they deserve.

Who you are truly matters

We know how it’s like to be approached by every single recruiter in the market without them even knowing who you really are and what you want.

Our journey starts with getting to know you.

At KWAN, I found a group of people who go above and beyond client requests and numbers, who try their best to help me identify my goals and motivations so that, together, we can take the right steps to get there.

Vítor Fernandes Senior Developer @ Nearshore Projects
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KWAN is a company where you are not just another number....

You are their number one priority!

Ricardo de Freitas OutSystems Developer @ Valuga, Amsterdam
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It might seem exaggerated, but KWAN is really like my second family: with a culture and good energy like I've never seen, that catches up to everyone with such ease, that there’s no need to say a word. You can feel and live it. I’ve felt it since day one. I’m happier, more professional, motivated, fun and whole.

Ricardo Antunes KWAN alumni
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At some point I wondered if there was a perfect place for me to work at. Somewhere that was fully aligned with my mindset and ambition. KWAN listened to me, understood what I was after, and found the perfect spot for me.

Pedro Pereira Santos Engineering Manager @ LoanDolphin
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KWAN promotes a philosophy of exponential professional and personal growth, that makes us feel important and part of something bigger, where the talent is the central piece in a well oiled and effective machine.

Being with KWAN
is a way of life!

Pedro Domingues KWAN alumni
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A community that welcomes you with arms wide open and, above all, that is always in touch and brings out the best in you.

The best experience I ever had!

Daniel Leal KWAN Alumni
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Working with KWAN has been a great experience. In addition to being receptive to new ideas and projects, KWAN is also close to its teams, promoting their professional evolution. That makes all the difference.
KWAN is an excellent company to work with!

Bruna Santos KWAN alumni
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