Hey there,
we feel you

Hey there,<br>we feel you

KWAN started because a developer believed there should be a more respectful way of recruiting: Treating people as they deserve.

Who you are truly matters

We know how it’s like to be approached by every single recruiter in the market without them even knowing who you really are and what you want.

Our journey starts with getting to know you.

At KWAN, I found a group of people who go above and beyond client requests and numbers, who try their best to help me identify my goals and motivations so that, together, we can take the right steps to get there.

Vítor Fernandes Senior Developer @ Nearshore Projects
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Vítor Fernandes

More than a number on a spreadsheet, I'm an integral member and active participant in a team.

Vítor Correia Support Engineer @ KWAN
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Vítor Correia

If we are honest and open, the feedback sessions with the KWAN Ambassadors can lead us to a better place, fulfill our needs. It's like talking to a friend about work, future and your expectations.

Victor Guerra Ruby On Rails Developer @ KWAN
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Victor Guerra

KWAN has a great work environment and when I wanted to start my career, they not only helped me to find good matches based on my preferences, but also new challenges that I didn’t think were possible. They motivated me to take a risk.

Vasco Serra Junior DevOps @ KWAN
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Vasco Serra

With so many consultancy companies on the market, I feel I was lucky. It was KWAN that found me.
And today when asked why I recommend KWAN, the answer is simple, people. KWAN's mindset is focused on people. On your well being, on your goals and ambitions and above all on your feedback.

Sérgio Martins Test Automation Engineer @ KWAN
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Sérgio Martins

You always get feedback at KWAN. From the moment I signed my contract, KWAN improved my career. When a company supports you, gives you emotional stability and everything you need, that makes you grow. You will want to give back what you get

Rômulo Mencalha KWAN alumni
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Rômulo Mencalha

KWAN is a company where you are not just another number..
You are their number one priority!

Ricardo de Freitas OutSystems Developer at Valuga, Amsterdam
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Ricardo de Freitas

KWAN has a culture and good energy like I've never seen, that catches up to everyone with such ease, that there’s no need to say a word. You can feel and live it. I’ve felt it since day one. I’m happier, more professional, motivated, fun and whole.

Ricardo Antunes KWAN alumni
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Ricardo Antunes

I was very apprehensive about returning to Portugal because I thought I would enter a heavy, super rigorous work environment, where I would be easily forgotten. I could not be more wrong.
KWAN is very understanding with its consultants, often going beyond what is necessary to make sure we're happy.

Pedro Rocha JavaScript Developer @ KWAN
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Pedro Rocha

The biggest difference is knowing you are cared for. KWAN was the only one who gave me a chance to work and study at the same time. All I needed was an opportunity to show who I am as an individual and a professional. KWAN trusted me, I'm very grateful for it. I learned a lot about myself.

Marina Catão Business Intelligence Analyst @ KWAN
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Marina Catão

I chose what I wanted, I chose KWAN. I did one interview, and it was my only interview. I discovered KWAN through social media. I was looking for work on IT Jobs and I saw an interesting offer with a test and I decided "Ok, I'll do the challenge". I was called for an interview and I got the job.

Marcius Armada Java Developer @ KWAN
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Marcius Armada

KWAN gave me the opportunity to start growing as a professional for the client I am with, KWAN allows me to be on a fascinating project and gives me the tools to continue to evolve professionally and even as a human being.

Luís Caldeira Senior DevOps @ KWAN
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Luís Caldeira

KWAN cares about people both professionally and personally and I certainly feel that way! This allowed me to focus and do my best on a daily basis, being beneficial for the client, for KWAN and for myself.

Isabel Contreiras Quality Assurance Tester @ KWAN
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Isabel Contreiras

Working with KWAN's big international clients will add a lot of value to your work experience. I would without a doubt recommend KWAN.
These clients are great to grow your tech and language skills with challenging projects that improve your career in the long run, it's a lifelong worth experience.

Guilherme Marques .Net & AngularJS Developer @ KWAN
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Guilherme Marques

A community that welcomes you with arms wide open and, above all, that is always in touch and brings out the best in you.

The best experience I've had!

Daniel Leal KWAN Alumni
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Daniel Leal

KWAN made me let go of my prejudice towards consultancy companies. As it was recommended by someone who always told me that "Only works with startups", it means a lot! In addition, KWAN made me realize that a successful interview depends a lot on soft skills combined with good technical bases.

Carlos Santos Web Developer @ KWAN
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Carlos Santos

Working with KWAN has been a great experience. In addition to being receptive to new ideas and projects KWAN is also close to its teams, promoting their professional evolution. That makes all the difference.
KWAN is an excellent company to work with!

Bruna Santos KWAN alumni
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Bruna Santos

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