At KWAN we match your talent to the right tech project so you can build the future version of Humankind.

The Right Project Matters

To deliver your best work and make the World move forward you need to be on the right project.

Not just a random project. A project that matches your skills, your work experience, and your expectations.

Our journey together starts with getting to know you.

Your Work Matters

Every bug you fix. Every line you code.
Every little task you work on with effort and dedication contributes directly to the Bright Future.

As long as you’re in the project that suits you.

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  • We get to know you and your ambitions It starts with you filling in our contact form. So we can get in touch and learn all about you.
  • We match them with the right opportunities We present you potential matching projects - you decide which are worthy of meeting you.
  • You find a perfect match and get an offer Congratulations! The match is done! Time to jump in and start building the future.
  • You meet your own People Manager It’s time to meet the one who’s going to support you so you can focus on building the Bright Future.

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Words from KWANers Themselves

You always get feedback at KWAN. From the moment I signed my contract, KWAN improved my career. When a company supports you, gives you emotional stability and everything you need, that makes you grow. You will want to give back what you get

Rômulo Mencalha KWAN alumni

KWAN made me let go of my prejudice towards consultancy companies. As it was recommended by someone who always told me that "Only works with startups", it means a lot! In addition, KWAN made me realize that a successful interview depends a lot on soft skills combined with good technical bases.

Carlos Santos Web Developer @ KWAN

Working with KWAN's big international clients will add a lot of value to your work experience. I would without a doubt recommend KWAN.
These clients are great to grow your tech and language skills with challenging projects that improve your career in the long run, it's a lifelong worth experience.

Guilherme Marques .Net & AngularJS Developer @ KWAN

At KWAN, I found a group of people who go above and beyond client requests and numbers, who try their best to help me identify my goals and motivations so that, together, we can take the right steps to get there.

Vítor Fernandes Senior Developer @ Nearshore Projects

Working with KWAN has been a great experience. In addition to being receptive to new ideas and projects KWAN is also close to its teams, promoting their professional evolution. That makes all the difference.
KWAN is an excellent company to work with!

Bruna Santos KWAN alumni

A community that welcomes you with arms wide open and, above all, that is always in touch and brings out the best in you.

The best experience I've had!

Daniel Leal KWAN Alumni

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