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What are the different business models at KWAN?
At KWAN we have multiple ways of helping our clients fulfill their needs. As such, KWAN is divided in 3 different areas of expertise: Outsourcing, Permanent Placement & International.
Outsourcing is the division where KWAN finds and manages your workforce, in which we will find the best candidates that suit your project, and maintain their motivation, and well being. Our main focus here is retention and match between client needs and their team's motivations and progress.
Regarding our Permanent Placement services, we will analise your team & culture, and find the best candidates for your team. Consider this division an extension of your Recruitment team. If needed we will even help to establish your company in Portugal.
Regarding International business, or Nearshore, we can help you build teams, from our office to the world, or even in your home country, or anywhere else. :)