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What is the best way to be noticed by an employer?
Nowadays, more than demanding a technology expert, most companies are starting to look for someone who is aligned with them at the soft skills level. When you go for a technical interview, it's not only your technical skills that are assessed, but *you* as a whole.
The way you answer to a question that you don't know how to answer often distinguishes you more than you could imagine. Answers such as "I don't know but, since we're here, please tell me, because I'm interested in learning about it" really make a good impression. For some time now, your academics are no longer a mandatory requirement for most companies (not all of them, though!). What the candidates do to stay current and how they have gained their technical bases became much more important.

Not only at the time of the interview but also after hiring, your employer will be on the lookout for subjects such as: personal projects, online courses and keeping up with new trends. Proactivity, delivery, dynamism and a sense of commitment are some of the characteristics that are increasingly valued. In an age where there is an increasing need for tech talent (and not enough supply), companies are increasingly valuing the people who give them a sense of security and dedication, and who embrace their projects completely.

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