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How can I build the best CV?
The best way to make a CV is:
1 - Take some time to analyze the job to which you want to apply;
2 - In your CV make sure to showcase the experience that you have that matches the job posting;
3- Place your experience in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest);
4- Don't forget to refer courses that you did, that value you job application;
5 - Put Your (true) level of English, or any another language that you can speak;
6 - Use a smart portrait of yourself;
7 - When formatting the CV: it should be easy to read and "straight to the point", because normally the person who will receive the CV will only be able to spend about 1 minute to look at it at first.
If you want extra help building your CV, we can chat about it, no strings attached! :)