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Career change: I've been an informatics and programming teacher for 25 years now and I'd like to apply for some programming opportunities. Do you think I'll make a strong candidate or is this silly?
Thank you so much for your question!
Yes, I do think you'd make a strong candidate for programming jobs.
I think your hesitations about feeling silly come from your expectations, and will change based on the companies you apply for.
The key to a strong job search is understanding your skill set, where your knowledge lays, and what are your strengths before applying for a job. Try and reflect whether you truly have the skills for the role.
If you feel comfortable we can schedule a chat about the state of IT recruiting and what are the most requested technologies.
Good luck for your job search! :)
Is remote a good option?
Remote is and isn’t a good option, it really depends on your goals.
If you are in the beginning of your career and want to learn and grow with your seniors, it’s always better to work with a team on-site.
However, if you have an established career it’s up to you. Do you want to travel the world while working or just be at your house with no distractions? Remote work is the best option! If you feel that working on-site with a team is what pushes you to move forward that’s awesome too! It can also be a “combo” :D Find out what fits you best and go with it!
If you want to read more about this, we'll soon have a blog post on it! What are your thoughts? I can help you find a project with the right kind of remote work for you. :)