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In an interview, what's the most valuable thing that the interviewer will focus on to consider me a good candidate?
That's a great question. Besides the technical aspects of the interview, the projects you've delt with and all your expertise, it is important to show that you are motivated to know more about the company, that you've done your homework and you know what you are truly looking for in your next career step.

Make a list of "most valuable things" in your next career step, and show confidence and empathy at the same time towards your interviewer. You should also show flexibility. It's ok to have your own point of view, but it is also very important to show flexibility towards the other person's point of view.
If you're having a tough time figuring out which direction you'd like to go next, or how to get there, I can help you build a tailored career plan. At KWAN we'll also help with your soft skills to make sure you shine as a good candidate on your next interview. :)
What is a realistic salary expectation for a graduate level?
Well, we have an awesome salary calculator on our website inside the tab Tech Salaries :)

You can check it out and see if your expectations are bellow or above the average. From our experience, the market in Portugal usualy offers a salary between 900€-1250€ net for recently graduated students. Dependending on your area of expertise, university of choice and location it can be a little bit higher or a little bit lower.
Are you looking for the best match between your salary expectations and your career goals? Drop me a line! Let's talk about it :)