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I’m having second thoughts about my project. It’s like, meh… What should I do?
This is a great and tricky question! It is important that you speak with someone who can help you with it, this is most likely the person managing you.

Try to find out what is the future of that project, is it going through a bad phase and about to turn into something really exciting? Will it be worth the wait? If the answer is "no" and you really want to change, approach the person responsible for you and tell them. Don't bash on the actual project, focus on the positive things you are looking for in projects. That should be enough for your manager to understand that the current project isn't satisfying you.

If you aren't happy about your current situation, you should know which is the next step you want to take project wise. At KWAN we're happy to help you figure that out during our Career Coaching sessions. :)
Honesty and transparency are BIG values. It is 1000 times more worthy to have someone honest who wants to change project and straight up tells you so, than to have someone who pretends to be happy and then jumps out without any warning.
I’m just starting off in tech, what should I start looking into?
First of all, if this question is going trough your mind it's a good sign. It means you want to be prepared for the market and your are willing do to your "homework" first.
That said, it's important to define what your main interests are: Do you feel fascinated abou the backend mechanisms? Do you feel more comfortable with the esthetic part of the front-end? Do you believe you can swim in both oceans? Full-stack is the answer! Is your world data related?
Yes, a lot of questions and it's not easy; but once you put your ideas in order it will be a piece of cake to design your "road map" to follow when you set foot in the tech world.
In general, it's easy to say that JavaScript is conquering the world. With JavaScript come frameworks like React, Vue, Angular and so on. Regarding the backend, Java, Ruby, C# and Go run the earth and if you are really interested in the data field, you should definitely look into Python and other specific tools like Tableau, Hadoop, Spark...
Explore, research, try, fail, talk to other people, be open minded, ask for help, look into different companies, extend your network.
I'm more than happy to help you go through all these questions and support you while finding your answers. Just get in touch!
In an interview, what's the most valuable thing that the interviewer will focus on to consider me a good candidate?
That's a great question. Besides the technical aspects of the interview, the projects you've delt with and all your expertise, it is important to show that you are motivated to know more about the company, that you've done your homework and you know what you are truly looking for in your next career step.

Make a list of "most valuable things" in your next career step, and show confidence and empathy at the same time towards your interviewer. You should also show flexibility. It's ok to have your own point of view, but it is also very important to show flexibility towards the other person's point of view.
If you're having a tough time figuring out which direction you'd like to go next, or how to get there, I can help you build a tailored career plan. At KWAN we'll also help with your soft skills to make sure you shine as a good candidate on your next interview. :)
Is remote a good option?
Remote is and isn’t a good option, it really depends on your goals.
If you are in the beginning of your career and want to learn and grow with your seniors, it’s always better to work with a team on-site.
However, if you have an established career it’s up to you. Do you want to travel the world while working or just be at your house with no distractions? Remote work is the best option! If you feel that working on-site with a team is what pushes you to move forward that’s awesome too! It can also be a “combo” :D Find out what fits you best and go with it!
If you want to read more about this, we'll soon have a blog post on it! What are your thoughts? I can help you find a project with the right kind of remote work for you. :)
Should I stay in Portugal or look for work abroad?
“The world is your oyster.” Not wanting to be a cliché but *ahem*, this is true. Nowadays it just has a different meaning that it did a few years ago.
Like everyone knows, Portugal has been named the “Silicon Valley of Europe” and many international companies such as Zalando, Mercedes and Hostelworld have moved or created their development hubs in cities such as Lisbon and Porto. This means you can actually have an International experience, learn to work with different cultures and mindsets, modern tech stacks, perfect your English and, you guessed it, never leave the comfort of your own country.
Moving abroad is now more of a personal choice more than a professional need. The ones that choose to move abroad do it because, apart from a different professional experience, they want to grow as individuals, leave their comfort zone, experience a new culture in a new country and explore the unknown.
Moving abroad will help you grow and give you incredible life experiences - I can vouch for that - but this is not your only option anymore. In short, a great worldly tech career is just “around the corner”. :)
Have you ever tried working on an international project? Let's match your career goals and personal dreams!