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How can I build the best CV?
The best way to make a CV is:
1 - Take some time to analyze the job to which you want to apply;
2 - In your CV make sure to showcase the experience that you have that matches the job posting;
3- Place your experience in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest);
4- Don't forget to refer courses that you did, that value you job application;
5 - Put Your (true) level of English, or any another language that you can speak;
6 - Use a smart portrait of yourself;
7 - When formatting the CV: it should be easy to read and "straight to the point", because normally the person who will receive the CV will only be able to spend about 1 minute to look at it at first.
If you want extra help building your CV, we can chat about it, no strings attached! :)
How can I make sure I’m at a good outsourcing company?
What a GREAT Question! The best answer IMHO would be: "It depends... What do you want?" While the questions might be the same for everyone, the answer depends a lot on who you are, your motivations, technologies, experience, what drives you, etc... Depending on that, you should look for one type of company or another...

BUT... I believe there can be an answer which would incite a meta-analytic approach, that should be taken into account always. Do you know that saying atributed to Voltaire which goes by "Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers."? Well, this is exactly how I'd advise anyone to judge a company. A company that is really interested in providing you the best experience will always start by asking you questions instead of stating how good they are at this or that, what they do, their prizes, their managers, their clients etc...

A company who uses the strategy "we we we we we we we", would be excluded from my list in a snap of a finger. Look for companies that ask about YOU, putting YOU in the beggining of the equation.
So, have you taken a moment to think about what YOU want? We can exchange some thoughts!