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I just finished my tech degree, what now?
Stay calm, everything will go well!
Find a place where you can reflect on your life journey to this day. Ask yourself about: "Which subjects did I enjoy most in my course? What got me in the mood to learn and explore? What subjects did I find less appealing? What was the project that pleased me the most? If I had to choose a technology to work with every day, what would it be? And the workplace and company culture? Do I imagine myself in a more relaxed or more "formal" office?"
These are some thoughts that can help you find a professional path. If you need some extra help you can count on me. At KWAN we're happy to help you out with some career coaching, so you can discover and map out where your next career step might be. You deserve to feel happy and professionally fulfilled. :)
I’m just starting off in tech, what should I start looking into?
First of all, if this question is going trough your mind it's a good sign. It means you want to be prepared for the market and your are willing do to your "homework" first.
That said, it's important to define what your main interests are: Do you feel fascinated abou the backend mechanisms? Do you feel more comfortable with the esthetic part of the front-end? Do you believe you can swim in both oceans? Full-stack is the answer! Is your world data related?
Yes, a lot of questions and it's not easy; but once you put your ideas in order it will be a piece of cake to design your "road map" to follow when you set foot in the tech world.
In general, it's easy to say that JavaScript is conquering the world. With JavaScript come frameworks like React, Vue, Angular and so on. Regarding the backend, Java, Ruby, C# and Go run the earth and if you are really interested in the data field, you should definitely look into Python and other specific tools like Tableau, Hadoop, Spark...
Explore, research, try, fail, talk to other people, be open minded, ask for help, look into different companies, extend your network.
I'm more than happy to help you go through all these questions and support you while finding your answers. Just get in touch!