Is this the best time of year to change jobs?

December 5th, 2017
Blue pill, red pill, green pill? Whatever! It's your choice...

The truth is that this time of year is always favorable to make new resolutions (and decisions) and that is why we have decided to write a piece on this subject.

Mudança de Ideias

At KWAN, our number one principle is to guarantee the best opportunities for our candidates and ambassadors.

And why is that? Well, to avoid some of the reasons that lead them to change jobs.

We want to be proactive and not reactive. And, for that reason alone, we do our very best to find the right projects for each type of person, therefore addressing every professional expectation.

###After all, what are the main reasons for changing jobs?

  • Unappealing projects

How often do you go to job interviews in which you are promised super interesting projects, where you can learn new technologies and evolve as a professional, but, then, the reality comes and is something entirely different?

Desilusão Profissional

This is one of the main reasons that convince good professionals to look for or accept other job offers.

  • The salary

In the ​​IT field, job offers are never-ending and so are the salaries. What can happen then?

Dinheiro do Salário

You may think you deserve a better salary for the job you are doing. So what? You have plenty of proposals that you can accept, depending on what fits your profile the most. Salaries are (and will always be) a sensitive matter when changing jobs, but it is important to remember that the money we earn is not everything.

  • Sabbaticals

That’s right... And what about those moments when you need to stop to devote more time to yourself? Regardless of how many attractive projects and bulky salaries you are offered, nobody is going to change your mind about taking a sabbatical and experience things that your work, unfortunately, cannot provide.

SpongeBob a Viajar

Even though it is sad to see some of our people say goodbye, on the other hand we are happy to have them following the path that they consider to the most meaningful**.

But back to the original subject...

###What is the best time to change jobs?

In Portugal, the tendency is to hire constantly throughout the year. However, right now, as well as January and February, the *hiring figures experience a more favorable conjuncture, for 4 reasons:

1. Budget Approval

Starting in December, the budget for the following year is often finished and approved. The company’s strategy is fully outlined and new needs demand new hires.

2. There are more teams

This point is directly related to the budget approval, but it deserves to be highlighted alone. This is the time of the year in which the strategy and workload for the coming year are established. Thus, there is an increase in recruitment to improve the existing teams.

3. New professional challenges

This is also the time when new efforts are made, such as starting projects with more recent stacks or promoting training in new technologies and, therefore, it becomes a fresh start for both the company and the new ambassador.

4. Faster decisions

In January, teams start the new year as strong as possible and with all the common objectives established. For this reason alone, everything related to hiring becomes faster, since decisions are taken together, with a more focused effort.

Are you still unsure? We found a Glassdoor study which precisely mentions this time of year as the overall best to hire and there you can find the reasons that led to this conclusion.

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So, now it’s up to you.

At KWAN, we are always available to help you along the way. We value the company’s culture, we acknowledge everyone’s work and we are constantly learning to do better.

And what is the outcome? There is a more welcoming work environment, in which personal relationships are nurtured, while helping each person to follow the best option for them.

If you are thinking in new resolutions for your professional life, then talk to us! 😉

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