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Ever wondered if you’re getting a fair wage? Are you being paid or played?
Is your work worth the pay? Don’t be stuck counting coins when you could be counting Ks.
Let’s do the math with the Tech Salary Calculator.
Pay? Check.

Are you being well paid?

...Or played? Let's do the math:

You need to specify all elements so we can calculate if you're being played or paid.

These results are monthly figures considering 14 net wages in Portugal

Poor You

Salary Range:

Point-blank: you’re being played.
Your talent is worth much more! Stand up for yourself and figure this out. Take some action, you don’t deserve this. You might be happy here, but your job should be the whole package.

Just Right

Salary Range:

Sweet spot! ...Or at least ok. We can’t say you’re way off, but maybe you could get a raise worth your genius neurons? But if this is your dream job, keep it! Some things are priceless!

Lucky you

Salary Range: € -

Make it rain! You’re well-paid, baby! Take good care of your job, make yourself earn it! Although some things just can’t be bought. Are the dollars worth all the trouble?

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