The Ambassadors

Who will be with you

If you got to this page it means that you care about who will be by your side along the way. We do too. Our Ambassadors will stand by you. They are your sidekicks. They will guide you through your path to level up.

to the fam

Who will be with you

Your Ambassadors embody your core-values.
Your empathy. Your resilience. Your strength.
Your energy. They bring KWAN to life.
They are your true colours.
Watch your sidekicks shine.

  • Andreia Gonçalves

    Andreia Gonçalves Profile Picture
    Andreia Gonçalves
    Ambassador of KWAN
    This smartie studied Engineering before turning to HR Management! Easy on the tears, easy on the laughter too! Andreia (a.k.a. PJ’s) had a month long sleepover at São Tomé as a volunteer. She has a crazy pup called Rocky (he can’t tell but sometimes her Vila Real blood takes over her accent).
  • Beatriz Marques

    Beatriz Marques Profile Picture
    Beatriz Marques
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Turns out the cookie monster is actually super #cute. Chocolate chips or hazelnut filling is the way to this glow girl’s heart. Beatriz is devoted to Queen Bey, and loves anything that shines almost equally. She cries easily, but then again, #cookies. She is always early for everything except if she finds a fluffy pet to pet. Kawaii!
  • Carla Ventura

    Carla Ventura Profile Picture
    Carla Ventura
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Carla loves psychology and astrology, which explains why she has a dog named Freud with an outgoing and optimistic personality. Just like a sagittarius, his solar zodiac sign. Carla has another pet, a cat named Kitty, which loves raw fish. Just like Carla. #sushilover
  • Cláudia Rodrigues

    Cláudia Rodrigues Profile Picture
    Cláudia Rodrigues
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Besides having a son with talent enough to be a future KWANer (but with 10 years of school ahead of him) Cláudia loves cats and… the history of Portugal! Her son is called Afonso, the name of the first king of Portugal; her first cat was named Egas Moniz, the tutor of the same king; and her second cat is called Brites de Almeida, a brave lady who helped Portugal win the Battle of Aljubarrota. For Cláudia, travelling is more about the company than the destination: she doesn’t mind where she’s going, as long as she’s travelling with her son. ❤️
  • Duarte Fernandes

    Duarte Fernandes Profile Picture
    Duarte Fernandes
    Co-Founder & COO
    Duarte might seem like a tough guy but he is a soft heart. This kind giant spends his free time doing sports, reading, writing and playing with his dogs Júlio and Lola. He has a dynamic and extroverted personality and peaks when his team grows stronger. Wanna see him smile? “Results” is his magic word.
  • Eliana Almeida

    Eliana Almeida Profile Picture
    Eliana Almeida
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Mocked by her peers for describing everyday events as incredible, Eliana is a joyful northern girl, very close to her family (including her two dogs, Sunny and Minnie) and friends. She loves series, especially La Casa de Papel and The Good Doctor. She loves them. They are incredible. #shediditagain
  • Fernanda Morais

    Fernanda Morais Profile Picture
    Fernanda Morais
    Ambassadors of KWAN
    In Portugal we have a saying ‘who runs for pleasure do not get tired’ which truly applies to Fernanda, as she loves travelling (ask her about southern hemisphere countries and you won’t be disappointed) to run marathons! She’s also a fan of fresh mint tea and healthy food. All good habits she plans to go back to as soon as motherhood gives her a break. #newmom ❤️
  • Hélder Pinto

    Hélder Pinto Profile Picture
    Hélder Pinto
    Ambassador of KWAN
    This early bird is in love with his town, Braga, home of the team that stole his heart, Sporting Clube de Braga. Hélder is a clean freak, and his desk proves it! Gym and reading time are a must, Dale Carnegie is his recommendation. He’ll make the world a better place one step at a time.
  • Inês Marques

    Inês Marques Profile Picture
    Inês Marques
    Ambassador of KWAN
    This natural ginger is the oldest of 3 siblings. Inês loves the beach and has bikinis for dayyyys. She lived in São Tomé where she volunteered as a teacher. She graduated in Social and Organisational Psychology and could live off a good bowl of caldo verde. #kale
  • Jéssica Almeida

    Jéssica Almeida Profile Picture
    Jéssica Almeida
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Jéssica is addicted to the gym, she works out 5 to 6 times per week. Take her out for lunch and she might tell you her secret. Sushi or Mexican, please! Travel is her life goal and she likes to plan every. single. detail of the trip. Pretty much as in work and life! #organizationskills
  • Joana Ferreira

    Joana Ferreira Profile Picture
    Joana Ferreira
    KWAN Ambassador
    Joana has a cat named Tobias, but none of her plants survive long enough to get named. As a book lover, she’ll tell you to read 1984 by George Orwell, a.k.a. discuss politics at your own risk. Cleaning is a must, decorating too. And as she works hard, she plays hard too. A little party never hurt nobody, right?
  • João Mauritti

    João Mauritti Profile Picture
    João Mauritti
    Outsourcing Branch Manager
    For this wine afficionado “that special bottle” can cost a few miles. Worth it, since beach, travelling and a cold one make João’s summer. Personal Development is shining light on most of his life right now. - But beware: he still knows how to get out of handcuffs. (If you hear a click, it was his jaw).
  • Jorge Becho

    Jorge Becho Profile Picture
    Jorge Becho
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Jorge is a Potterhead. He also identifies as a top level nerd. He does it all, ladies: Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC. He also founded his gaming team: Scalabis Squad. (You’ll eat dust in Rocket League). Special skills include being colour-blind and having yellow as his favourite colour.
  • Liliana Mendes

    Liliana Mendes Profile Picture
    Liliana Mendes
    Ambassador of KWAN
    The only girl among 4 siblings, Liliana loves music and hates chaos. She loves starting the day organizing her pens and notebooks and finishing it with a beer, surrounded by friends. Speaking of FRIENDS, number 1 fan right here, Liliana has seen all the seasons 5 times!
  • Liliana Veríssimo

    Liliana Veríssimo Profile Picture
    Liliana Veríssimo
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Before becoming an Ambassador of KWAN, Liliana studied to be a marketer...but soon realized that her favourite part of the job was to get in touch with people, get to know them and help them out - such as a true Ambassador! Liliana cries during sad movies, good thing she has her female dog, Mia, to comfort her at all times. And a dessert in the fridge. #bestpartofthemeal
  • Marcelo Catita

    Marcelo Catita Profile Picture
    Marcelo Catita
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Marcelo doesn’t discriminate food, he loves all kinds of gastronomy. His second favourite thing is travelling. He won’t miss a single Premier League game and misses summer all winter long. He’ll gladly join you for a drink and most probably smile so hard his cheeks ache. It’s a gift!
  • Rita Santos

    Rita Santos Profile Picture
    Rita Santos
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Rita loves food. Cooking it, and eating it too! She has a published book about working conditions. Camboja is on her bucket list for spiritual wellness. Her motto is gratitude above everything else. She is annoyingly cheerful in the morning. But don't put her on a pedestal, she's afraid of heights.
  • Rui Alves

    Rui Alves Profile Picture
    Rui Alves
    Founder & CEO
    His university friends call him Max. Pi, his sidekick, calls him Dad. Rui breathes Software Development and eats (keto) Company Culture for breakfast. He never gets enough of Austin, Texas and is super into NLP and Personal Development. Find him at Praia do Alemão, his favourite beach in the whole world.
  • Sara Melo

    Sara Melo Profile Picture
    Sara Melo
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Born and raised in São Miguel, Azores but living in Lisbon for 11 years, Sara misses the most her favourite fruit in the world: the Azorean pineapple. She loves all about it: the taste, the color, and how beautiful pineapples are while growing up in her hometown farms. A bit faster than that is Sara’s other passion: Formula 1 and Moto GP. She doesn’t miss a second of a Grand Prix. Unless... maybe to go get some pineapple juice?
  • Tiago Monteiro

    Tiago Monteiro Profile Picture
    Tiago Monteiro
    Ambassador of KWAN
    Tiago was born and raised in Braga, and he loves Benfica, raw steak with wine and Marvel movies. When he was a kid, he dreamed about defending his country and helping people, just like their favourite superheroes, so he decided to join the military. He ended up not being able to due to health reasons. Too bad for the military because Tiago has just the right superpowers to be an Ambassador of KWAN! #KWANsuperhero

Want in on our team?

Yes, I do!
A hug from Sweden

In November 2016, Alexandre Rodrigues sent us a photo of his RUPEAL Group mug all the way from Stockholm:

“A hug from someone who won’t forget who always showed appreciation and treated me well!”

Christmas Dinner 2018

Our 2018 Christmas dinner was super cosy. Ugly Christmas sweaters included. The motto was “Get Cosy and Share More” and it made total sense.

The 2018 Summer Sessions was awesome!

We played bubble football, watched our national team play, had a few drinks, dinner and lots of music and dancing! And we can’t forget all the late night swims in the pool! We can’t wait for the next Summer Sessions!